19-03-17: Lunch reservation at the harbour.

Brasserie Le Bateau offers lunch at €6,00. Reservation to be made latest 06/04 at 12h00 via info@brasserielebateau.nl or via website http://www.brasserielebateau.nl/contact (or clic logo). Lunch available from 8h30.  Payment at Brasserie Le Bateau.

Lunch: 2 x hard rolls + 1 water + 1 apple + 1 candybar 

lunch n°1: 2 rolls with cheese – lunch n°2: 2 rolls with ham – lunch n° 3: 1 roll ham/1 roll cheese. 

Mention Name + lunch type + number + date (8 and/or 9 April) 

Welkom! Welcome! Bienvenue! Benvenuto!

Bienvenida! Bemvindo! Wilkommen!

Velkommen! Tervetuloa! Witamy! Üdvözlet!

03-01-2017: Registrations are OPEN. Sailors register here. Sailor entry fee € 65 (€ 80 from 26/March onwards). The Optimist entries are limited to 240 boats, pre-registered and payment confirmed.

Support boats are requested to register online. Notice: Speed limit on Lake Grevelingen 15 km/h.

Please also register your Camper, Caravan or Family tent.  
Also check our Optispring Clinic. 

DOCB Optispring 2016