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U4 – Workum.NL, Weekend of 3-4 September.

School restarted 01 September and after two days of school we had already again a little bit of vacation during the weekend.

Saturday it was sunny with a few clouds and (for me) a very nice wind (10 knots). The launching was at 9.30h. The first start was at 11h00 . In total 154 participants were divided into 3 groups (a yellow,  a red and a green group). I sailed in the red group and we did 4 races.








My results: 13, 10, 21, 11. I was very happy because the last race I was in the 5th position rounding the last mark. Maybe I lost some places because I was too exited at the last reach.

On Sunday the weather forecast was not so good for me. They announced a lot of wind (18-20 knots, gusts until 26). Too heavy for me, but I had nothing to loose, only to learn (that is what my coach always says).

I was divided in the green group. We sailed 2 races. I finished in the first race 32 and in the second UFD. I never capsized during the race, but when we sailed back I capsized 3 times. My Erplast optimist is a very special boat. Two times that I capsized; my boat came straight without doing anything. Oh what a lovely boat J.

In total I finished 56th. I was very happy, but exhausted.

Next week , after a week of school L, I go to the Belgian Championship at Newport.






Yesterday (thuesday )was a very long day. We arrived on the beach at  8 o’clock in the evening.

I was very tiered. We sailed 3 races. My results were 28, 20 and 18.

After the briefing we went home. And after my dinner I went immediately to my bed.

My overall ranking after 4 races is 27 th on 107 sailors.

Today we sailed the “RATE”. This is a regatta with all the sailors (benjamin and minime, 450 sailors in total) together.

It is a very long race, with a very strange start, because there are so many boats together.





At this moment I participate at the CIE (Coupe International d’été – 16-23/07/2016) in Loctudy – France.

Today it was the first racing day. There was not so much wind, but a lot of sun.

Before going on the water we got our daily briefing from our ‘Go Sailing coaches’ .

We sailed today 1 race. I started very well and finished at the 2 place. It was a great day!

Anders Bultynck


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I’m Anders Bultynck, youngest sailor of my family. I have 2 brothers and sisters sailing.
At the age of 6, I started sailing in my optimist. This year is the first year that I participate on the Belgian selections for the European Championships.
At the first selection regatta I won the Erplast optimist.
Sailing is great!